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Attention - New address

We beg for your understanding that there might be interferences regarding phone, fax and mail on
Monday 29 june 2015 and on Tuesday 30 June 2015 because of the move of our company.

New address as of 01 July 2015

Thoelen Pumpen GmbH

Martinistra├če 50 b
DE - 47608 Geldern

Phone: + 49 (0) 2831 / 134 998 - 0
Fax: + 49 (0) 2831 / 134 998 - 200

Please be so kind to change the data accordingly.
Thank you.

Welcome to Thoelen Pumpen GmbH!

In 1997 we started selling peristaltic pumps on the German market.

During that time one of the founder and business manager of our company had already more than a decade
of profound knowledge and experience in the specific market of peristaltic pumps.
From the start on it is part of our philosophy not just to sell pumps, but to find a pump which suits the best
for the individual requirements of the customer`s application.

Since 2002 we are building our own cased peristaltic pump , the TP series.

In January we expended our product range and we are now able to offer also TP OEM peristaltic pumps as well as a wider
range of models of the TP 1000 series to our customers.

Also in January 2008, we started a joint venture with the US Company Randolph Austin:

  • Exclusively in Europe, we sell the pumps and tubings of Randolph Austin. For some European countries we already have business partner.
  • Randolph Austin sells exclusively on the USA market our TP OEM an cased pumps.

In 1947 Randolph Austin began to build and sell peristaltic pumps out of Houston, Texas. Since 1974 their pump and tubing operation have been located in Manchaca, Texas. As one of the oldest manufacturers of peristaltic pumps, Randolph has maintained a loyal following by delivering "rugged, reliable and simple to use" peristaltic pumps. Randolph Austin machine all the components of their pumps to their exacting specifications and extrude their own tubing. Their ability to control every facet of the manufacturing process continues to ensure prompt
delivery of a quality product.

Your Team from Thoelen Pumpen

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